Project Management

AUXILOR sprl, with a huge experience in Project Management based on Prince2 and PM Bock methodology, can help your ICT Team to develop custom applications.

Security Management

Certified InfoSafe (, AUXILOR sprl can help to define your Security Policies regarding your Information Systems. Based on ISO27000 and EBIOS risk analysis, the principal assets of your business will be covered in case of incident.

Collaboration Management

Digitalization of the Collaboration in your work environment is a key of success. AUXILOR sprl can help you to build a E-Collaboration environment that increase your business efficiency.


Collaborate in your work environment.

Using a collaborative system without strict governance can quickly become a nightmare. The successful implementation of a collaborative environment depends on how the system is made available to users. Indeed, too much freedom kills freedom! Within your organization, the framework of use of the collaboration system must be fixed, as it is for the mails, the network drives or even the coffee machine,... critical element in any IT environment! 

"Basic rules" are previously described in a Global Governance.  Then, depending on the needs, basic functionalities can be set up or created. Our biggest advantage relies on the fact that we work with the CMS you have chosen without specific programming. We use only the features offered by the system to meet the needs of your users, thereby preventing any problems when updating your system.

We write a Governance describing in detail each feature available in the system, its usefulness, as well as a detailed way of using it. In relation to the use of your collaboration system, we provide user manuals  for each profile defined, according to your own needs. We provide training for system administrators. In order to ensure you a full and complete success of your project, we also take care of the follow-up of the evolution of your system and the respect of the Governance set up during a mission of support and maintenance.


Security Management

As consultant in Security for the Information Systems, Auxilor can analyse your business, define what are the main assets to protect and against which threats.

Our Consultant will use E.B.I.O.S. methodology for the risk analysis. This methodology is based on the probability and the impact on your business that a threat occures. Then he will define multiple way to react for each situation. Regarding the business choices, procedures that detail the way to manage the crisis situation will be written.

Finally, a Security Policy, compliant with the GDPR will be delivered. A communication plan for user acceptance and regular audits will ensure the durability of such a policy.

What our clients are saying...


"Good Job!"

Auxilor provide us a Project Manager. He was the 7th Project Manager on the job, but thanks to Mr Foulon, we could finalize our project for the implementation of a Technical Document Management tool in our refinery in Antwerp, on time and within our budget!


"Security first!"

As a new Public Agency, Auxilor help us to define and build our Security Policy. Mr Foulon has still a role of Security Consultant for our Agency to maintain a correct security level.



Alain Foulon, the owner of Auxilor has been my colleague for severl year. He's a IT professional with great creativity as problem solver.

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